Hey everyone! My name is Saket. I am B.E. in Mechanical engineering and am currently working in a manufacturing firm in Mumbai. I just recently hit the 25 year old mark and when I look back, I realised I have done a ton load of things in my life. I love cooking, fiddling with electronics and new gadgets, and playing games. I love making presentations and giving seminars and do keep entertaining a variety of youth (mostly engineering students) on many topics ranging from whacky new tech to putting together a technical paper. In my free time, I love learning. So right now I am learning kung fu, machine learning, and gamification. And ofcourse, life is tremendously incomplete if you haven’t done your bit for making the world a better place. I help out in various service projects for WAYE (World Alliance for Youth Empowerment) and in the process I taught an entire class of 4th graders Math from  June 2010 to Feb 2011! :D

That is a little about me. If we met somewhere, or you think I can help you out and you wish to get in touch, do feel free to email me: saket.tawde@gmail.com

Hope you are totally loving the blog. Have fun! :{D


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