Your Digital Camera… now with infinite space!


As an average digital camera user, the two biggest issues you most probably have with your camera regardless of make or type are that you are running out of either battery or memory! It may be your cell phone or your DSLR. Either way, no or less memory or battery means making sacrifices on awesome ‘Kodak Moments’. Now that just won’t do! The dying battery is an issue shared by numerous devices today and people are making awesome stuff like wireless power transfer to counter it, lets see where that bus goes in a couple of years, but for now, lets talk about memory!
The camera guys got together and they came up with a decent solution for the memory problem, they added Wi-Fi to cameras. Now that’s all cool, but anyone checking out these cameras knows that there still aren’t a lot of them out there and as of 2 years ago, there were nearly no DSLRs with Wi-Fi capability. Strange since the worlds first Wi-Fi enabled camera was introduced all the way back in 2005. And by who else… Kodak! (Note to all the tech junkies: It was a 4.0 Megapixel camera, and had a 256 MB internal memory, huge back in the day but the CC Display on the rear of the camera actually has a 4.3 Megapixel display! Hehe… Tech has come such a long way! :D)

Teaching An Old Camera A new Trick

Well, things just got more awesome! A company named Eye-Fi Is marketing a Wi-Fi enabled SD card. Oh yeah, you heard right, the SD card has got a built in Wi-Fi chip.
This is pretty much how a conversation would go from here on:
You gotta be kidding me!
Nope… I am not. Look at it!
Sheesh, it looks like a normal SD card
I know maan…
What does it do?!
Well, its pretty simple, you take pictures, like you normally do, but when you come home (enter your home Wi-Fi network), you just set the camera down on the table and voila! The photos are effortlessly transferred to your computer. But the story don’t end there. You can set rules in the memory card to automatically make space once it is say 70 or 80% full. It will delete those photos which have been transferred successfully making space automatically! Sounds nice eh! Now no more connecting your camera to your computer and transferring photos over a usb cable and no more deleting. :D
Brilliant bro… Simply brilliant! Now that is what I call teaching an old camera, a new trick!

Wi-Fi SD Card

Wi-Fi SD Card


Alright guys, if you  buy a Wi-Fi enabled camera, you automatically get all the features above. Regarding Wi-Fi enabled SD cards, Eye-Fi is not present in India, but Transcend just recently launched it’s own Wi-Fi SD card. Should be available in select shops.

Check out this link here to understand everything a Wi-Fi card can do:

As always, it can’t be all sweet, you got to have a little sour too. Your battery is going to get juiced dry if you use this card. It consumes about twice as much battery than a normal SD card does and at some specific occasions, even more.

For all of you who already know about them, awesome! You will be amazed at the number of people who do not know about this tech. This blog was for them.
Hope you feel a little more aware of what technology around you is capable of doing. Peace out!


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